Freitag, 18. August 2017

Es soll wohl nicht sein?

Ich hatte mir fest vorgenommen, es nächste Woche anzugehen: Georg einzuschulen wie meine Tiere zu versorgen sind und dann auf nach Beltana!

Da lese ich auf der Verkaufsseite von FB eine Anzeige von Aileen:

Thoroughbred x standy filly. 4 years old ..URGENT REHOMING Needed. She is too hot for me. Only experienced horse persons will get her. She needs a lot of handling and training. If you are not experienced .. dont waste your time or mine... again URGENT photo later 0409200727

Weiter unten in den Kommentaren noch:

4 weeks ago.. she kicked me in the leg... i believe that to be my fault.. i reached in to loosen a too tight rug strap..i thought it was a reflex kick. Yesterday she kicked coming through the gate with the other horses.. the man that's been letting them in every evening was hurt... she has to go.

Das ließ mir keine Ruhe und so kontaktierte ich Aileen noch persönlich und was sie schrieb, klang gar nicht gut:

Yes he's in RAH lacerated bottom lip needs cranio facial team to repair today... plus fractures in his cheek bone

Tja, wenn Georg ins Royal Hospital nach Adelaide geführt wurde, dann ist es ernst. Offensichtlich hat er einen Tritt ins Gesicht abgekriegt. Also fällt er die nächste Zeit aus.

Dann heute Abend die nächste schlechte Meldung: Beltana Station wird verkauft. Zwar erst im Oktober, aber für die Zukunft werde ich mir eventuell einen neuen Stützpunkt suchen müssen.
Hier die Anzeige für die Auktion:

A historic South Australian outback station,where pastoralist Sir Thomas Elder bred camels more than 160 years ago, has been listed for sale with price expectations in excess of $7 million.
Nestled in the picturesque Flinders Rangers, about 500 kilometres north of Adelaide, Beltana Station was first taken up by businessman Robert Barr Smith in 1857. A few years later he sold it to his brother-in-law Sir Thomas Elder whose family established the famous Elders rural business.
Stretching across 154,100 hectares, Beltana station has a notable place in the exploration history of central Australia. It supplied camels for the 1875 expedition of famed explorer Ernest Giles and served as the starting point for numerous expeditions.
Owned by the Ragless family since 2007, Beltana station operates as fully working sheep and cattle station as well as a tourism destination with a variety of accommodation, as well as a café and restaurant.
Last year, owners Laura and Graham Ragless told the ABC News they were struggling to manage both businesses and were looking to hire a tourism manager.
"We're doing 16- to 17-hour days, seven days a week, just to keep up with everything at the moment," Ms Ragless said.
They've now decided to sell Beltana at auction on October 18, appointing Elders' rural real estate manager, Philip Keen to market the property. He said it represented an "exceptional opportunity for buyers who have serious interest in investing in a diverse, well improved pastoral enterprise".
Its attributes include well-developed water points, extensive plant and equipment, a quality Angus cattle herd of 750 and a Dorper sheep flock of 6000, along with a significant homestead and accommodation, dating back to the 1860s.
"Beltana Station is a rare offering to the public market, we are very proud of our links to the property through Sir Thomas Elder. It contains a good mixture of land types, from range country to undulating bush country, through to soft sand-hill cattle country," Mr Keen said.

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