Montag, 17. April 2017

Happy ending ?!

Yeah! Habe gerade einen Anruf erhalten, der mein Herz höher schlagen lässt! Es sieht so aus, als ob ich die passende Lösung für mein Problemkind Ali gefunden hätte. Aber der Reihe nach.

Ali ist noch immer die "Unberührbare". Ich schaffe es nach wie vor nicht, ihr Vertrauen zu gewinnen und mit ihr zu arbeiten. Vor einigen Tagen durfte ich wieder eine volle Ladung Kamelkotze geniessen - von den Haaren über die Klamotten bis auf die Schuhe, von oben bis unten voll mit Panseninhalt, nur weil ich sie am Halsband fixieren wollte. Ich bin sowas von fertig mit ihr. Als erstes rief ich Don an, von dem ich Jamahl gekauft hatte. Der hat kein Interesse an einem Kauf, jetzt geben die Koppeln kein Futter mehr her, alles muss zugekauft werden. Aus dem Grund will er selber verkaufen und nicht kaufen. Der nächste Ansprechpartner war Dan, der junge Mann, der in Zukunft von Kamelritten seine Existenz bestreiten will. Er würde sie kaufen, weiß aber über ihr Phobien und bot nur $ 500,- an, die Hälfte von dem was ich mir vorstelle. Auch wäre das nicht die beste Option denn es würde heißen, Ali muss arbeiten. Was einerseits gut ist, dafür sind Kamele ja da, aber andererseits würde die Ausbildung den totalen Stress für sie bedeuten. Ich hatte noch eine Lösung im Sinn und wandte mich über FB an eine Tierfreundin, hier die Konversation:

Hi Kye, I know you're very busy and that you have a lot to deal with. But I have a problem and I'm thinking of different options to solve it. Perhaps you can give me some advice? A long story 😞. Since I met a camel in Alice Springs 1994 it was my dream to have my own camel. I worked hard for it and finally my dream came true: Immigration to Australia, purchasing some acres, getting my first camel Laila 2014. When I got Laila she was approx. 6 months old and very scared. But soon we became friends and I was adopted by her as her mother. The problem was that I was not allowed to leave her alone on the paddock. She started pacing up and down the gate (not eating) until I came back. I organized a sheep as companion but she was freaking out - thought it's a lion or tiger! I returned the sheep to its owner and heavy hearted bought a second camel Ali. Ali came from a person who is known for his cruelty, he is beating the camels until they do what he wants them to do. It took ages until she trusted me but I was happy with the outcome. I was able to do anything: hoosh her down, put a halter on, lead her, brush her, lift a leg,... she was better than Laila who can be bossy and naughty. Last year in June she - from one moment to the other - relapsed and she thought I'm the bad old man! I was not able to catch her, touch her, do anything with her. 5 days later she was back to normal, but I have absolutely no idea what triggered her mood swing. Now she is doing it again! But this time it's already 2 months that she doesn't want to have to do anything with me. When I'm able to catch her (she is currently having a long rope around her neck) and I try to work with her she is screaming, spitting at me and shitting herself. I have now a third camel and instead of taking interest she is standing by herself, not interacting with Laila or Jamahl. I know, over the time she will come fine again but I'm pretty exhausted with her. I want to train my camels to be pack animals and go trekking. She is not reliable. What, if I'm in the middle of nowhere she decides again to be silly? Or running off with my gear? I'm considering 3 possibilities: 1) keep her and - when time comes and I want to go trekking - give her during this time to a 'boarding' facilities (someone nearby has camels and would look after her) 2) sell her - I'm really sick and tired about this. don't know how often I cried because I never gave her a reason to develop this behaviour. The fear is so deep in her and she always forgets that she can trust me. 3) Perhaps asking you to take her and I will pay for her food and other expenses? A monthly rate of a certain amount that is appropriate? I already have an offer for selling her, I don't know what to do. I think she (and especially Laila) would prefer to stay, but my nerves are really stretched. Sorry for this long story. Perhaps you or Gil have another idea?

We can and are happy to help. But we just need to complete this court stuff . We feel we are almost over it so we don't think it will be long . In the meantime i pray you keep her until she can come to us. It feels as if she needs to come out of the cycle of buying and selling and just be allowed to be...Some camels have experienced such trauma that they do need a home with no expectations and she will get that with us. I think that she is being triggered by things being done to her that take her back to being abused,even though she is no longer being abused..poor love Always contact us ,we will always help when we can ...can you keep her for time being and just not work with her

Thank you for your response. I will try my best. It's so hard for me - being by myself without friends and support. Sometimes I think I should sell everything and move to the city and live a life that's appropriate for my age. Really desperate. But good to know that you can perhaps help me (and her). She is now 4 years old and lived her 1. year (after being caught in the wild and separated from her mum ) with some others at this man (perhaps you heard about Gordon Hampel? He is well known for his cruel approach). Thank you again!!

...You could even come over here with your camels and Gill would be happy to help you work through these issues... Very soon we will be free to help . I haven't heard of Gordon,does he have any nicknames

He was called Sheikh. I was told (from different persons) that he was jailed for having sex with a donkey in public! Now he is 90 years old. Last time he visited the near by camel owner and looked at the animals. He suddenly hit an 30 year old gentle camel in the face with his walking stick. For no reason. He wanted to demonstrate the right way to interact with camels!!! My first visit at his place was he wanted to sell me a 2year old female. I never saw a more fearful and desperate animal before! I new I can't handle such a mistreated creature and left. Next time when I picked up Ali she was already in the freezer! Mettwurst! Because she jumped the fence- who could blame her?

What a vile man ,thank God he is in his 90's and we don't have to suffer him for too long...Gill just asked if you had thought about trekking with a small wagon..its much easier than with just packs and you can still have a few comforts and it really quietness camels down fast.

Yes, but then I 'm bound to roads. I really would like to explore the deserts by foot. Think a wagon will get bogged. Anyhow. Thank you again!!! Btw: on Saturday I'll drive to RSPCA at Lonsdale: there is a female Sulphur crested cockatoo looking for a new home. The boys will love that 😊😍. Happy Easter to you, Gill and all creatures!🍬🍭🐇🐇🐇

Soweit der Dialog. Das hat mich doch beruhigt. Ein wenig. So gut meinend diese Leutchen sind, sie haben selber genug Probleme. Ein Paar, um die 50 schätze ich, stehen vor Gericht und Delogierung. Leben seit 10 Jahren auf einem Grund, der ihnen von einem Farmer zur Verfügung gestellte wurde (ohne Kauf- oder Pachtvertrag) und jetzt offensichtlich einer Holding gehört. Falls das Gericht zu Gunsten der großen Firma entscheidet, müssen diese Tierfreunde mit ihren 30 Kamelen und zig anderen Farm- und Wildtieren die Lokalität räumen. Geld haben die auch nicht, betteln halt ständig auf FB herum. Würde dann sowas wie eine Patenschaft für Ali übernehmen.

ABER, da war noch ein Kurzbesuch von meiner Nachbarin Aileen mit ihren Enkeltöchtern. 

Sie hat ein paar Fotos gemacht und auf FB gestellt. Und prompt hat ein friend reagiert: "Where are these camels? I am looking for a girl for Michael's Dexter. He is desexed but is lonely . Poor boy."   Ich bat Aileen den Kontakt herzustellen und ...tadaa ... fast eine Woche später der Anruf. Die Interessentin züchtet Minischnauzer und bekommt in 14 Tage das erste Geld vom Welpenverkauf. Sie war sofort bereit die $ 1000,- zu zahlen. Das gute ist, dass sie nicht mit ihrem Kamel arbeitet, ihn nur als Liebhaberei hält und dass schon seit Jahren. Sie bekamen den kleinen Bullen als er 6 Monate alt war und er ist jetzt 5 Jahre. Das wäre die allerbeste Lösung für Ali: nur rumstehen, fressen und einen Kumpel haben. Und Besitzer, die sich die Haltung auch leisten können. Ich erwähnte, das Ali some issues hat und am besten wäre es, sie kämen auf ein meet and greet vorbei! Am Sonntag werden sie hier aufschlagen.

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